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Expert Witness Program

Gregory DiFranza, Ph.D., is a sought after speaker and consultant on the subjects of police training, tactics, and use of force ethics.  He is certified as an expert witness in the area of Force Usage in different environments and has been certified as an expert witness in numerous states and teaches in numerous countries.

Commander Gene Paul N. Smith, delivers training in the subject matters of Tactical Leadership and Command, basic, intermediate, and advanced SWAT operations, and ICS for critical incidents.  He is versed in training and selection standards and policy creation pertaining to CALEA standards for tactical units.

Lt. Donnie Winston, Narcotics and Grow House Investigations

Gary Jarvis, Ph.D., is a expert in teaching mind-body control techniques for achieving peak performance during high stress situations.  He is board certified in biofeedback and is also a board certified diplomat in quantitative electroencephalography (brain mapping).

Sgt. Andrew Scott, a member of the FBI’s Northeast Florida Organized Crime Task Force, is a sought after trainer in topics of gangs and organized crime, defensive tactics, police driving, and firearms.

Corporal Tony Dziedzicki, delivers instruction in basic, intermediate, and advanced SWAT operations to include active shooter instruction.  He is also well-versed in the area of interviews and interrogations and has taught worldwide.  He has also been declared an expert witness in the fields of DUI, drug impairment and traffic crash reconstruction.